Birthday Bash

September 28, 2010 by thdnlsn1968

Hey everbody I want to go to the next Bash in Cabo (2011). I was wondering for those of you going this year (lucky) how did you go about getting tickets?

Sammy was a big help for me when I was going through rough times in my life. His music is a true inspiration.

Big Fan,


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Hey there, thanks for the information I do appreciate it. I am totally jealous of who ever is going it should be a blast.

I saw sammy with ChickenFoot in Detroit and solo in 2006 and again in 1984 VOA. I also saw him with Van Halen in 86 all three shows in COBO Hall. He is just non stop. Thanks again and have a safe trip and great time.


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Thad - If tickets went on sale at noon, I was logged on at 11am hitting "Refresh". I had multiple windows going and had my girl doing the same. I ended up getting tickets for the 8th & 13th. Persistence and the willingness to get fired for abusing company Internet privileges is the key to Cabo Success!

Good luck and see you all in Cabo...My plane leaves on Saturday!

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tickets were sold on line this year. one never knows how they'll do it next year. i for one loved this way. i got tickets to one show, could have gottin tics to every show. they will be also selling dinner tics on a first come first serve basis. make sure to check this site around july next year. they will always be info on the upcommin bash.