How do I get concert info before it goes on sale??

May 01, 2017 by tfreeman

I've been a fan forever, but it seems like getting relevant info is harder and harder. I didn't find out about the Huber Heights show until after release and not through any Sammy Hagar related sites. Now I check and there is a Toledo show that's already on sale. I'm following on Instgram, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I have an account here on I was apart of the original VHML then SHML when Liza (RIP) created it. I was a charter member of the Sammy Hagar fan club when Paula and Debbie created it. I'm still a member of the yahoogroups where we moved back in the day. None of this is to brag, but to show I'll sign up for anything. I just need to know what to sign up for!! :)

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