Pre-Cabo Bash Party 10-5-12

October 06, 2012 by tfawfaw

We got together last night to have dinner and some Waboritas. We watched some videos of where we are going to stay then we watched some videos of last year's B-Day Bash with Sammy and friends. It got us all pumped up for the trip!

We tried to decide the other things that we are going to do while in Cabo too. The 4-wheeler adventure is right up our alley and I would like to do the spa one day too. The dolphin thing just looks too expensive $145 is a bit much to swim with dolphins but it sure sounded like fun. We will just have to see once we get there.

I messaged Sammy to wish him Happy Birthday because I will probably be doing the Cabo Wabo while I am there and not be able to do it next weekend.

Just so excited to leave already. Going to miss the first two shows and not be able to stand in line for the dinner tickets but no worries. As long as I am in Cabo who really cares! Right?

That's my plan and I am sticking to it!
Proud to be RED!

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