Sammy's Rocklin Island Bar & Gril - Sept 15th Performance

August 03, 2012 by terrih081

So, I just read in the Roseville Press Tribune that Sammy will be performing Saturday September 15th but its invitation only?!?!

How does ONE get an INVITE??

Anyone know?

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Is it me or shouldn't OLD time Fans get in the club? I've got my $75 gift card but it seems like folks that live in Roseville and have been a Wabo Rat for YEARS would have an in.

Seems like Sam would want his faithful fans to be up front?!?

I'm willing to help him out! :-)

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To get tickets to the street party go to now! There's a link to get pairs of tickets for $75 plus you get a $75 gift card to be used at a later date at Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar & Grill. See you there!

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Check out this VIDEO!!! Roseville Redheads, Sam is coming September 15th!!

Bring on the noise!

While you ponder that, watch the Red Rocker give us details on Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill opening in Roseville next month.

Watch here-