Cabo bday bash

July 29, 2019 by Teresahaft

I wasn’t able to buy tickets today for the bday bash in Cabo but my friend was able to purchase some so my question is if my husband and I do go to Cabo on a maybe we can get a ticket to the dinner show how hard is it to buy them do I need to stand at the cantina for 10 hours ? Has anybody done this ? We really want to go because our friends are going but I’m just curious ? It is a big gamble to go all the way to Cabo on a maybe we will or not get a ticket

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Well we are coming to Cabo ! I’m gonna try for the dinner /show tickets for the 11th hope I can get some

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Cabo is beautiful to see and explore. I would come on down. You will though need to be in line more than 10 hours to get dinner/show tickets. The guideline is at least a 24 hour camp out on the sidewalk prior to the on sale. This does not give a guarantee but a very good chance. Any other questions ask away.