Newly Discovered Bottles of Cabo Wabo Single-Barrel from 2007!!!!

March 27, 2012 by TequilaPicker
Newly Discovered Bottles of Cabo Wabo Single-Barrel from 2007!!!!
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This all started several weeks ago while I was at a liquor store near my home in Houston. I was scanning the shelves looking for something I hadn't ever tried or could add to my tequila collection. As I looked up, I spotted a bottle of Cabo Wabo Reposado that appeared different. It had a neck tag with a barrel number, bottle number and bottled date. I'm not a tequila expert but I've read stories about the famed barrel #100-18 from 2006 and those rare bottles of single-barrel you see for sale on eBay. Since I wasn't sure what this was, I decided to buy it. I posted a blog on but received no response, then again I didn't include any photos or much of a description. I then contacted several known experts in the tequila collecting world. They believe this bottle may have come from Sammy Hagar's private reserve at the Impulsora Rombo distillery or Wilson Daniels importers. It's thought that one or possibly all forty cases from this barrel #100-30 were accidently (or purposely) put into the distribution chain and ultimately sold at liquor stores around the country. Once I heard that theory, I immediately returned to the store for another look. I soon discovered a second bottle inside a 'normal' looking reposado box. I now have two rare bottles of 2007 Cabo Wabo Single-Barrel Reposado sitting on my bar!!! If anyone has additional information that would shine more light on this new discovery, I would be grateful.

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Newly Discovered Bottles of Cabo Wabo Single-Barrel from 2007!!!!
Newly Discovered Bottles of Cabo Wabo Single-Barrel from 2007!!!!

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You have a couple of extremely rare bottles here! The 2006 #100-18 single barrel is the only special release limited edition run of Cabo Wabo Tequila to the public! It has become known as the Costco release since that is the only place you could buy them! They were sold at two Costco locations, one in California & one in Nevada. Now the bottles you have are even more collectible & rare! There are 240 of these bottles, but the question is, how many made it out to the general public? The Costco release bottles typically sell for $200 to $300 a bottle to the collector! If I had to put a price on these...I'd go at least $400 to $600! Plain &'s very rare! Not as rare as the first 55 bottles of Cabo Uno that were held back for Sammy! A little known fact about Cabo Uno bottles...the first 55 bottles were specialty numbered & labled with Sammy's real autograph in gold paint pen! These special labled bottles were held back for family & friends only & never sold to the public! These bottles are known as the "Reserva de la Familia Hagar" & are quite rare! The value...about $2,000 to $3,000!! And these are the rarest & hardest bottles to obtain for the collector!
You have a great find! Congrats!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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I live in NW Houston off the 249. Keep an eye out for other bottles!!

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where in Houston?? I live in Houston...

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How much you pay a bottle?