sammy come to tennessee

February 12, 2013 by tennessee redhead

sammy would you please come to memphis tennessee, mud island, sooncome on you southern redheads, get the word out MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE,, ELVIS CAN WARM UP FOR, SAMMY THE REDROCKER HAGAR

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keep up the comments somebody that knows somebody might get the word to sammy he doesnt some to the south enough and we all cant move to california

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Nashville - Halfway to Memphis from Atlanta - would be better.

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Hello fellow 901Redhead! Go Tigers GO!!! Haven't seen a post from anyone around the 901 in a long time. Sammy will be touring this summer for the 4 Decades tour. Hoping Minglewood or Live at the Garden!!! Hear that Sammy>>>>Live at the Garden Memphis or Minglewood>>>both ur kind of party venues!!!
"Take u on a lil trip" (ahhh I can hear that guitar riff now)
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MEMPHIS (I will still travel for another couple of shows)

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4 Decades of Rock tour this Summer 2013!!! Red Rockin!!!

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I have not seen anymore mentioned of it but last year there was talks of a 40 year worth of music tour this year. I am hoping that he does a full US tour either with the Wabos or Chickenfoot.

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I have a simple question.......does anyone know if Sammy will be touring the USA this year ? When and where ? Tour schedule coming out anytime soon ? Thanks.-------TC