Yo Sammy!

February 23, 2013 by tcogan

Hey man, we caught you up in Detroit with Kid Rock in 2011. I've been a huge fan since the 70's and followed everything. I SO loved your RED book, and love to see where you have come in life. While I haven't been as successful as you, I am a 8th grade drop out, that makes over six digits providing for my family. Not bad for a poor red neck from East Dayton.

My wife, for my 43rd birthday is going to take me to Cabo for your 2013 Birthday bash. Best birthday present ever!

Anyways, we have been reading that last year you did a lottery, and it was around the early March time-frame, and we are going on the Kid Rock "Chillin' The Most IV" cruise from March 5-10th. Our fear is that you will be putting the lottery on while we are in International Waters and we won't be able to get tickets. If we can't make it to your party because of sold out tickets, we will go to some other country, but I have to tell you brotha', I want to be in Cabo having the time of my life for my 43rd more than London, Ireland, Australia, etc...

I know you can't announce the info, just asking you to help a brother out here, by reserving two tickets for my wonderful wife and I for at least two nights. We already have reservations at Wyndham for the dates of 4th through the 12th.

Montrose -> Sammy -> Van Hagar -> Wabos -> Chickenfoot -> and all the misc timeline fucking rocks.

PS. The wife right now, well, is in a fucking piss ass mood, but I still love her. ;) LOVED RED, I can so relate, would love to exchange stories sometime.

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Cool man and happy birthday. I will be there for my 10 year anniversary and want to get some tickets. I am in Detroit too and seen him with chicken foot a few times. Also with Aerosmith. Anyway have a good time we will he there from Oct 5 - 12 staying at the Hilton. Have fun

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PSS. Wife just read it (lovely), she just said I was "supposed" to say, that my birthday is October 6th, and we were going to go there for my 40th birthday, but she was pregnant with our boy Jackson, and it just didn't work out in '10, since he was born on October 12th ;)