Dang - got nothing

August 02, 2012 by Tbowdentx

Been a Sammy fan since the Texxas Jamm in Dallas in 1983. Been trying to get to the birthday bash for years. Pretty bummed.

Any idea how early you need to show up on the 10th to get dinner tickets?

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blatzzdogg's picture

Yes. Maybe even as many as 30 hrs for this years show. Thanks Sammy.

CaboNFall's picture

It will be at least by noon on 9th. With so many regulars not getting tickets it will be crazy early is my guess. Good luck!

redrocker327's picture

This would have this fan staying out there at the cantina for a full 24 hours. Do you really have to be there that early for a shot at dinner tickets for the last two shows.

cabobrian's picture

I would start checking around noon on the 9th.