California Wild Fires

September 28, 2020 by swulff

Hello Sammy and Kari - Sterling Wulff

New to the site and wanted to send best wishes to you regarding the out of control fires going on in your area.

I'm personally born and raised in San Diego, CA, but spent 5 formidable years of my life (5-10) living in Gurneville, a bit West of you right on the Russian River and also at the Armstrong Woods Redwood Forest...
Kind of cool.

My wife Ranae and I are ALSO friends with your Buddy and Ours, Ted and Shemane Nugent, and the Spirit crew of Jim Lawson, Paul Wilson, Jim Brown and Bobby Bohanna
I've hunted twice with Ted at the Spirit of the Wild home in South Michigan and again at the YO Ranch in Texas. We also celebrated his birthday there...

He loves you like a brother, and so do WE !

Best wishes and prayers for your safety and Hopefully we'll be able to travel and meet you also. You're ALL very exceptional people..

Sterling and Ranae Wulff
St.George, Utah

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