My Boy !!

July 07, 2010 by sweet5150
My Boy !!
Give to Live !!!

We are sooo excited for the July 14 show. Thank you for the backstage passes!!! My son is the happiest boy in the world. Now he REALLY believes Sammy is coming for his birthday. His comment... I can't wait to meet Sammy and tell him how much I love his music !!!

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How FUN for you both!! Congratulations! I hope it's an experience he'll talk about for years to come!!
I just love seeing kids at rock shows, taking it all in. Good stuff!

Again, congratulations and a Happy Birthday to your son. Have a rockin good time! :)

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Sammy is coming for your son's 1013 ;)
Congratulations to you two! How exciting for the both of you!!
Looking forward to reading about your backstage experience :)
We will be attending this show also.
Can't wait to see Sammy & the Wabos.
The countdown is on for our road trip!

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That is SOOO COOL! I recall reading what you wrote about your boy wanting to meet him for his B-day and now he really IS!!! What an awesome dream come true~ Please post some pics if you can!!!



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Awww, that's awesome!!! Congrats on winning the backstage passes!! I'm sure it will be a night to remember :) Look forward to seeing a pic of the 3 of you!! Enjoy!!!