December 28, 2019 by Susan hartnett

I went to the park casino concert 3rd row and it was nothing more than amazing ! I did not know about a meet and greet, but when the woman in front of me(who already met you), dropped her ticket, I was sooo tempted to take it from her. But I knew I would have gotten throw out. Anyway, I have followed you for many yrs and spent about $200;00 if not more at your concert. I had breast cancer last Aug, but I survived. They said it may return and I’m only 56. My dream I life is to meet you. I have satin pillowcases and sneakers of you that I wear to work. I had them custom made!! Everyone in Zingos where I work know how much I love you. Every morning when I get up at 4 a.m., I turn you on to get the day started and drive at 6:00 listening to you on Pandora. I have to say, Top of the World is my fav live song. Please Sammy, let me meet you in case something happens. I would so appreciate it if you could please let me know when I meet and great is next time. I’ll gladly pay$200!,, thank you. Sue Hartnett

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