B day Bummer

September 08, 2013 by surfer


I sincerely hope that y'all have a better plan for next year because this lottery sucks. Too many people are cheating and entering multiple times and then admitting it on the blog. Those tickets should all be revoked. Also, people trying to make deals via the website because they can not go. It is very disheartening to those people who play by the rules and honestly try to win year after year, and also have the means and accommodations to go to Cabo on short notice. As a fan I feel lucky to have seen Sammy at Del Mar CA. this year, as a Red Head I think this lottery pisses off more people than not. Still a fan but hoping for a change next year.

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they should go back to the system they used in 2010! That is the only fair way of doing it!

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I guess we could go on and on what works and what doesn't, but the fact is we all want a chance to see Sammy in cabo. I too would love to see him on all four days and from 2005 to 2008 I did.. I just think the standing in line for tickets is the only way true fans can get in to see him. And it's fair. I know that if the line gets a little passed the giggling marlin then you probably won't get tics. But I have no problem standing in line. I'm sure if I were to score tics online I would be praising that as well. Well no hard feelings to any red heads were a big happy family and can't wait to party with all of you.. So lets raise some Cabo and have a great sammycation... 7 years in a row in cabo and wouldn't change a thing Cabo is paradise.. SEE YOU IN CABO IN 24 DAYS..

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I agree it's not as safe as it used to be to stand out all night

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I agree, for someone as organized as Sammy, its hard to believe he would let admin. work it this way. If this the way its going to be, do the lottery in March, so that if you don't get tickets, you haven't wasted your vacation in Cabo, you can go elsewhere and see another artist that you CAN get tickets for. Completely dissappointed with The Red rocker administration, for God sake organize yourselves.

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I think the tickets should only be sold as one ticket one person - then the scammers can't scam and the people who lay on the sidewalk for 23 hours get 1 ticket per person - since the spouces like to sleep in the comphy hotel rooms until the morning of the ticket give away then they "line jump' in front of all the people who waited all night. If you want dinner tickets - sit your ass on the sidewalk with everyone else. ONE PERSON = ONE TICKET !!!!!!!!!! I agree with Cabowaboguy - what about all the fans that have been coming for 18-20 something years - are we just chopped liver now - all Sammy wants to see now is new faces ?????? Some of us have been here back to the 70s and should be appreciated for the time we've been Sammy fans - we spend money in Cabo EVERY year! I miss the days of old when you could walk up on a night of a show and just walk in. YES it USED to be like that !!!

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They will never go back to the big line up for tickets! Once the line reaches the corner of the block, things can get bad & I'm not going to get into that here (someone already posted one of the many problems earlier)! Why limit people to one show? Once again, would it be fair to limit you to one concert in the states during Sammy's current tour, or to only one show in Tahoe or Vegas when he's in town for three?! I have made a big investment in a timeshare in Cabo during the Birthday Bash as well as many other RedHeads have that have made this their regular vacation time! I'm not traveling down to Cabo for one show! With the lottery you have no control of the process & the process is being worked by individuals to their favor! Yes, muliple names, e-mails, addresses etc. The transfering of tickets to friends & other family members! How do I know this, because people have admitted it! Just curious, how many of you would start to worry if it was a stated that an audit was going to be done & anyone who tried to work the system will lose your tickets?! If the rules were truely followed, it might be different but why is there even a SECOND CHANCE drawing?? If you go by the rules: Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and all sales are FINAL! There shouldn't be any tickets for a SECOND CHANCE, right?! The only way to do this correctly is to sell the tickets during an on line sales process! Put it back into the hands of the fans to get their own tickets, just like every other concert a person goes to weather it's Sammy or not! And for those of you that are going to say I'm just mad because I didn't get any tickets...I didn't even put in for the lottery because I believe it's wrong & disrespectful to the RedHeads! And I still have a timeshare in Cabo til 2021!!

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Hey if it were a fair system we would all like it. But when people get drawn for multiple shows and brag about it. It pisses the REAL redheads off. It is a unfair system and they should go back to standing in line for tickets. If you really wanted to go to a show you would show up at 3 am and wait in line with the rest of the fans. Maybe if they had system in place that took your name out of the drawing after you were chosen it might work. But with ppl putting false emails and such. It ain't right. And I bet you that more than half of the ppl that were drawn had multiple email addresses using different credit cards... What a scam...

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This Redhead likes the Birthday Bash lottery system and rules that are in place, looks like some of you need to review the rules once again. Here you go...

• Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and all sales are FINAL
• Wristbands will be distributed day-of-show for all ticket holders
• Wristbands for each show will be available for pick up at the Cantina (2pm - 10pm) Oct 7, 9, 11 and 13th. If you have purchased 2 tickets, your guest MUST be present with you to receive their wristband. This is a slow process to validate everyone's purchase so please come early to avoid delay of entry!
• Wristbands for each show will be available for pick up on day of show only.
• Your name MUST (First and Last) match the name on the purchasing credit card and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (Drivers License or Passport). NO EXCEPTIONS

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I'd be OK with the lottery if it was less random. Do a full random draw the first day...then remove those drawn from eligibility on remaining days. Do the same thing after each draw. Then do the second chance drawing using the same methodology. At least this way would spread the wealth among more REDHEADS.

That is still not the best way...in my book Do it online...first come, first served. If there isn't a robust platform, for hell sake, use Ticketmaster...I don't mind paying a fee. Sammy is worth it.

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The lottery has to go bye bye! Go back to on line sales just like every other concert Sammy does! Four different times for the four different shows! Limit ticket to two per order with pick up in Cabo with ID! Make sure to do this no later than the end of June! Any later & the fans end up paying big prices for airline fares & hotel/resort costs! If you don't think this is the way the fans want it, put it to a vote!! I'm betting 75% will want it done this way!!
Not going to another Cabo Bash until the lottery is gone!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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The current lottery sucks for sure. BUT anyone who remembers the last couple years of line standing will admit that there were 100s of local kids in line getting tickets that were handed over to timeshare sharks and even worse local "groups". I heard about a couple of confrontations where these kids were given crap by Redheads and came back with their older bosses who were not very nice. It was about to get dangerous so something had to be done. Unfortunately the good old times of 90's and even early 2000s were over and doubtfully ever coming back! :(

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I agree the standing in line part was a party in itself and I met fellow redheads who I still talk to till this day. I was shut out as well but you bet your ass I wil be sleeping on the sidewalk for dinner tickets.. REDHEAD 4 LIFE

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Go back to the old way of standing in line with a buzz! It was all part of the fun and paying your dues!