August 05, 2010 by suq
Hooray! Hooray!

Could not believe this show! Are you kidding me? This guy has the balls to play recorded music at his concert. When they play along, the karaoke is as bad as the cheapest drunken whore house. Hang em up Sammy Hagar.

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your dumb ass obviously does not know what being a Red Head is all about...kiss-asses want something from people. All we do is come here and share our POSITIVE feelings about Sammy, we don't want anything in return, it's a community. We don't get paid for this. Jesus why an I even wasting my time...just stay the fuck off of my page from now on.

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Dude, keep your negative comments off of this website or the Redheads/wabo ratz will hunt you down and punish you!! I go to several live shows a year from Lamb of God to Tim McGraw and everything in between. Sammy is always right up there with the best of the best. 62 years young and still rockin just because he still loves it. You are a loser!!

Peace! I'll see all the real Sammy fans in Cabo!!

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haha yeah f'n right!!

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Hey suq ..... fuck off !

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I think that your name says it all... SUQ'S should be SUCKS!

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Wow...took the time to register a new account to post this dribble....lol

Let me guess this guy is a typical web looser that has finally gotten fat enough to draw a disability check/still lives with his parents and sets on the internet all day bitching about things that don't matter.

Go back to the Aerosmith forum where you belong..douche

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No eff'n way he uses recorded music. I've seen him 20+ times in my life. Get a life and find some other band like "Queens of Leon" to give crap about or too!

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Go back to your mother ship.

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Dude, what recorded music are you talking about? Find a different site to rant on.

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do you believe this jackass tried to freind me? Than bad mouthed Sammy some more in the message!! What a freak. I mean, I don't like Lady GaGa, but I don't go to her fan site to say bad stuff about her. LMAO at your comment!!!

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not everyone agrees with kiss ass bull crap. just sayin'.

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i don't hate Sammy. Saw him last night in the O.C.. That lap guitar set made me want to puke.

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Hey SuQ,

I think you posted this on the wrong website. Go to: BritneySpears.com

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um, are you on crack?

**hey admin!! you need to check this wack job out, just sayin'.**