July1 concert

July 02, 2010 by sumpters

Hey sammy
concert last night was auwsome.Music rocked.big johnson rocked on lead
and the girl from sammy's beach bar in the light green bikini wow what a beautiful camel toe.Keep rockin

just an old fan

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Copperview was the opening band.

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Copperview was the opening act.

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The concert on July 1 @ St.L was awesome! My wife surprised me with a Sammy Fix, Great seats and a overnite stay at Harrah's! She has never seen Sammy live but I can now say that after she rocked out that nite there is one more Redhead out there!

Does anyone know the name of the band who opened the show in Saint Louis on July 1 at the Verizon Amphitheater?