Thanks for adding the older concert dates into the Events.

November 11, 2010 by StPeteRedHead
Thanks for adding the older concert dates into the Events.
Flyer from a show in 2004.

Nice to see that the site is adding the older dates to the Events archive. I was able to list the shows I went to in 2000.
But What about the Van Halen Shows? Don't they count? I saw Sammy with VH 19 times before 2000. Then there is the Sam and Dave Tour in 2002. And VH 2004!

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This is great that you are listing the older show dates for us. As I was looking at them, I noticed there isn't a date listed for Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio in July of 1997! This was the first time my daughter & I saw Sammy live & it was a night we'll never forget. I am pretty sure it was on July 27 but a New York venue is listed for that night. We loved every minute of that show & it was that October that we first went to Cabo for a trip of a lifetime for us as mother & daughter! That Dayton show we had just seen was the inspiration for that trip! We went to Hara in Dayton again that November for a free show. Would you please check this out for me because Sammy did indeed play Hara twice that year! Thank-you. I also noticed that there are no Cabo dates listed for 2000. Chrissy & I were at that bash too. Thanks again.

Sherrie Wiesmann

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I noticed a lot more older dates have been listed! Awesome!! Even some old reviews, love it!! I have a few to dates to send in too. A few Chickenfoot show's (I went to 5, but only see 1 of them listed) and all the shows from 2005...

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Cool Thanks.

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Sam and Dave tour is up! Please send any missing dates to