Sammy's FaceBook page.

November 11, 2010 by StPeteRedHead
Sammy's FaceBook page.
Profile photo from Sammy's FaceBook page.

I can't believe Sammy's FaceBook page hasn't gotten up to 15,000 fans yet. I know his page is still fairly new (not a year yet), but I thought the membership would be much bigger. Tell all your friends!

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I'll go on the facebook site a couple times a week. I still have the "Paper Money" & "Jump On It" LP records plus the cassette with "Rock The Nation" on it. Can you say... "That 70's Show"?


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ChickenFoot is huge. Future in the Past man. The best was saved for last

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Dear Sammy
You have super influence on other guitarists and musicains since you were excellent with Van Halen... You should spread your wings with Guns and roses...I think that would be a natural choice...They of course lost axle when he went solo and the band went to velvet pistol... I think you could turn the band around especially you and Slash would hitting it off no problem...You have this chrisma that is wicked ever scince you did heavy metal video Kind of wonder if you sold your sold....LOL...Must have had goood people to get you into guitar...I hope you consinder my thought...Sammy listen you always need a name that follows or proceeds you... its like Ice cream and fudge...It just works b/c the catalyts you are just makes it senseable...People understand it and like it...U will make the world more enlightened and spirtual...Thanks warren an music lover