Livin' it up Cafe Forum

February 25, 2011 by StPeteRedHead
Livin' it up Cafe Forum

I see the new Forum here is not taking off well. It doesn't have any options to make it more visually appealing. We can't upload photos. We can't adjust the font. No emoticons. The CAPTCHA is a pain in the butt!

Maybe we could use the old Vote Number 1 forum. The moderator decided to close the page and the Bon Jovi fans saved the forum. So there is a lot of Jovi stuff on the front burner there.

But there is room for Sammy. I messed around a little with a Scrapbook of photos and such.
Would you guys like to check it out?

You can't download photos directly to the site. I've got a photo bucket account that I use to post in that forum. But I've embedded videos and posted GIF.

I gab with the Jovi gang and there are a few of us that are Rush fans. There was a lot of Queen fans, but they didn't make it through the transition. All the archives have been saved. Lots of good stuff there.

You have to have your beginning posts approved until the new moderators realize that you aren't a troller or Spammer. Nice folks there!

I just started a new thread for conversations over there.... 'Livin it up Cafe' in the 'More Music' section... 'Everything Else' category.

I'll mention to the moderators that I have invited the RedHeads to come over so hopefully you wont have to wait to long to get approved and then you can post freely.

Let's Talk!

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Unfortunately, the forum has been disabled due to the inactivity on the page. So sad. Lots of Great photos and conversations have been lost.

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Hi themay_or,

That's Cool.... I saw your name on there as the newest member yesterday!

I'll Post a note that you are from the redrocker site. So nice of you to stop by! If you have some time on your hands.... there is a lot of good stuff buried in there.

P.S. I just stopped by and I see that CABOMIGHK has joined too! SO exciting. See ya there!

Dang Captcha... just to edit? oye.

I just got a message from the moderator on their other forum. She has upgraded you two to registered users because I recommended you from this page. I'm not sure if she came over and looked at your profiles here or what.
But you can post freely now. See ya on VN1.

Dang Captcha..... at least this is an easy one!

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That is a cool site. I just got signed up and am curious to see the new format when they get it going.

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Thanks for the comeback admin!

I'll be looking forward to the new format! I'll make sure to check in often!

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We're working on a new forum with a lot of the functionality you guys are requesting. We'll be getting rid of the captcha for registered members, you'll be able to upload photos, have Emoticons, etc.

This should be up in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!

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I asked the moderator what is going on with new users and she sent me a couple of links that explain what's been going on over there. I've been there 3 years now.
Looks like there is a trial period. But it's a great forum with good people. It's worth checking out.