Sammy in St. Louis 1983

December 08, 2010 by stevep007

The first time I seen Sammy was in St. Louis in 1983. It was the concert that MTV taped and televised at a later date. I have since seen Sammy over 20 times. I have been trying to find a copy (VHS or DVD) of that concert but have not been able to locate it. I am asking the Redheads out there if they know where I can get a copy of it. Thanks

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That is the show. Someone is already sending me a copy. Thanks for the reply though. I have been looking for this concert for years but obviously I have been looking in the wrong spots.

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If your talking about the show at the checkerdome. I can send you a copy. It was re-released a few years ago as part of a rare remastered series. Contact me if your still looking.

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Steve...check your e-mail bro.