The Love Of The Red Rocker!

May 10, 2011 by Starchild

Been a long time Hagar fan since around 1978. First time seeing Sammy was at the Stockton Civic in 1980. Man, what a show. Red jumpsuit and all. I remember he had around three guitar players with him, didn't understand that. The Electric Church was awesome that night.
Seen Sammy multi times in his career, at various stages. Loved the Hagar/Roth show in Fresno. Nice to see Sammy mentioned that in the book. Just read the book and finished it last night. It took me a day and a half to read it. Really got into it. What great stories. I couldn't put it down. It didn't surprise me to hear the crap about the VH brothers. I met Eddie at NAMM a few years back getting into a limo. I shook his hand. What got me was how he looked. It was around 90 degrees, he had on knit gloves with the fingers cut out and wearing a beanie. Really looked like he was strung out, just looking like a homeless man. Sammy really told the story how it is. I believe Sammy sincerely. I've noticed at most of the recent shows, if not before that. It hit me that Sammy is having too much damn fun on stage, it's just not right! Kidding! Good for him, he deserves it. Went to the Rock Walk show last year with Heart. Sammy had a drink and gave it to me. I loved it. Bottles of Cabo on all tables. Just picked one up and started slamming it. Got to love Hagar! There's nothing to not like. He's the man! Just heard Sammy is playing at Ironstone in Murphys 9-9-11. Tix go on sale next Wednesday. Won't be missing that show. Hope to see you guys out there.

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Thanks for the comment. You went to his Mill Valley home and didn't knock? Well, I guess I wouldn't either. It's his private life that we can't invade unless asked to enter.

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nice hagar summary starchild-----i saw sammy in 1979 at the oakland coliseum----opened with growing pains---helluva a show. And still have the $6.50 concert stub. And a friend and i went to his home in mill valley during the 80's what a couple of weanies we were.