First time meeting Sammy-so sorry Sammy!

May 13, 2011 by Starchild

I wanted to write about the first time I met Sammy. It was a different way of meeting a rockstar for sure. A friend of mine went to San Francisco back in the early 90's and knew that the Bammies "Bay Area Music Awards" were that day at the Civic Auditorium. We didn't have tickets but we thought it would be cool to go to the Civic and see what was going on. We got there around 3 or 4:00. We were at the backstage entrance just watching what was going on. We had a clever idea on how to sneak in backstage. Our idea worked and we were backstage. We were in there early. We met people like Ted Nugent, John Lee Hooker, Sheila E, etc. A friend of mine told me a story of his friend who went on vacation in the South Pacific. He was walking the beach and he ran into David Lee Roth. So he yelled at Roth and said "hey look, it's Sammy Hagar". This was right at the time Sammy joined Van Halen. They both laughed about it and hung out a bit. During the evening at the Bammies. Sammy had just won the award for Best Male Vocalist. He was walking the red carpet doing interviews for t.v., and other media outlets. I was on the other side of the rope and saw Sammy in this nice white jacket and pants, I looked at him and said "hey look, it's David Lee Roth". Sammy was not too happy with this and he pulled his fist back like he wanted to punch me. I had a few drinks, so I was a little loose. His bodyguard told me some things, and i blew him off and told him some nice words. Anyone out there reading this, can you please tell Sammy about this? I wrote a apology article in Bam Magazine to tell Sammy I was sorry. They printed the article. I still have it. Long live Sammy Hagar.

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