Bday Bash: Oct 9, 2013

August 02, 2013 by stacyj

YES!! Got the email, have tix to the Bday Bash on the 9th. Which is *MY* birthday! Sweet! 1st time at Bday Bash...gonna be a great time!!

xoxo to Sammy and crew.

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Of my group of 12... I was the only to get tix, need to get more, so wild how the raffle goes. Sought after indeed! Sounds like there will be a good Oregon group to represent...

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Damn........we be going to the OTHER two shows.....we should still hook up. I got you phone # and here is mine. Cell: 503-388-8991 Mas Tequila!!! How far is your hotel from the Riu Santa Fe?

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Where are you staying? We Oregonians need to hook up! Bob and I will be at the Riu Santa Fe...

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I am coming from Portland, too!

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hey hartzonly our 3rd year were from portland too! got tix for the 7th and 13th! mas tequila!call us and well hook up 971-409-8236. jef and kim.

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Our first time to his Bday bash also. Have partied at the cantina but not when Sammy was there.....we will be at the same show. Where are you staying? We are coming from Portland, OR.