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I have to say I was quite disappointed to spend a shit load of money to go to Cabo to see the Sammy concert & although I know the tickets were non-transferable, I had received an email that if the person on the credit card could not attend that I could have him write on the email for his reason not to be able to go along with a front & back copy of his drivers license & credit card to be able to release the tickets to me. After all of that, I get there & was not allowed to attend. I think the way Sammy loves his fans he would be apalled to know that his manager(s) treated someone that way after traveling all the way from Illinois specifically to see him after waiting to meet his for over 30 years, I thought I had my chance. We even tried to repurchase the tickets & was told they were sold out. I find that hard to believe since I had an email that reserved 2 tickets. I can honestly say I will be a Sammy fan until the day I die, but I will not go through that disappointed again. Nothing like taking a trip all the way to Cabo for one specific reason only to have my heart broken once I got there. It totally ruined Cabo for me. Thanks to Sammy for all the good years of music, but I can't say I will attend another concert. Sincerely, a VERY VERY UPSET FAN!!!

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Hello Softballsprout - As you note, tickets are non-transferable and there is no policy for releasing them as you described. This policy has been the case for years and also is clearly stated on all emails and other communications about ticketing. No authorized ticketing representative sent you an email stating you could do otherwise and if you did in fact receive such an email we would like you to forward it to sales@redrocker.com so we can see it since it did not come from us.

We just finished reviewing will-call lists for all 5 nights (including the Kenny Chesney night) and out of 2500 tickets, there were only two situations where there was a valid issue to be resolved and even those were a result of someone managing to trick the system into letting them purchase 4 tickets instead of 2 (against the stated rules). Those people were only allowed for 2 tickets and refunded for the others. There were a number of other user-errors such as no-shows, or people who showed up for the wrong night (!). If you had any troubles where you had purchased tickets, showed up with your valid ID on the correct night and were refused entry, please let us know at sales@redrocker.com. We strive to improve the process each year and do read your feedback. Next year we are already planning on having the ticketing happen earlier and considering limiting the random drawing to one pair of tickets across the nights to ensure more people can get in to a show.

If you had bad experiences with Cabo Wabo staff and wish to send a letter describing it, we can pass that along to the club management.

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I have a question regarding your issue. This email you mentioned who was it from.

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Hi Katherine I got 2 tix to the bash on the 2nd chance drawing. I waited in line for my bracelet and found out my name wasn't on "the list". They made me step aside and sweat it out before Paul came and checked his computer. I must say they handled it quickly but for a moment there I panicked because I went to Cabo just to see Sammy and didn't make any reservations until I got my confirmation. All in all the whole thing was handled in a ridiculous fashion and I will never put myself through that again. Someone needs to take control at redrocker touring and make this happen in a professional manner or not at all. Just sayin..

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This was my first trip as well and I was solo by myself and I had 4 separate encounters with the Cabo Wabo Cantina and all 4 were very very negative and very costly...Have not decided how I want to express my complete disappointment. But I did not let it ruin my trip but it sure put a very bad taste in my mouth for the whole situation. I know I will not ever go back to the Cantina and will not ever spend a dime of my money there or at any other Cabo Wabo location again. I tried not to let it bother me but I was really pissed and apalled at the way I was treated by the staff as well.

Sorry you had a disappointing trip..My situation was crazy and I now have some great stories about my adventure to Cabo... but I know I certainly won't do it again...

Take care and try to not be too upset...I think Sammy would be really pissed if he knew his fans were being treated so badly by the Cantina staff..

Katherine in Austin

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Hey, sorry this happened to you, that sux. I too went down there 2 years ago, and everything worked out good, I just feel your pain....