Show #4 Ticket Available

September 18, 2017 by sm2112

Looks like I may have found my way in for show #3, if so I will have an extra ticket to sell for show #4.

I know there were some folks looking just didn't have time to search all the threads and someone offered me $200 then disappeared

If anyone is interested message me and just to be clear you would need to meet me there to pick up your bracelet etc.

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I'm looking for a single ticket for any night. If it's still available please let me know. I will buy drinks...

You can email me at

Norma - Texas

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I don't really care what people think should happen to be honest. How's that, I never asked for anything, I was looking to swap a ticket for a ticket straight up, go look at my post. I never wrote in this post I want $200 I said if anyone is interested in the ticket message me.

Now I will just eat the ticket and the $$ guess that makes you feel better that 1 less person can get in. My opinion is people shouldn't make assumptions

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IMO should have tickets revoked!!!

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Shame on you!!

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They offered me $200

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Good for you! Why would you sell a fellow Redhead a wrist band for $200? The whole random drawing, show up with credit card and ID was a way to stop scalping. This is why it makes it so difficult for us fans to get tickets to the Cantina. Sucks! But have fun!