Sammy's 70th!! BDB info

February 28, 2017 by skot5150

Does anyone have any info on what to expect this year? Just booked the week and want to be be sure we see all the shows we can. Do you guys think this will be on the Playa somewhere this year. I have been trying to get to a BD bash for years and never got the lotto drawing. I did get to go to the one in Vegas. Can't wait for this one-I'm sure it will be epic. ANY info would be great.

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For sure. Hopefully more comments on the months ahead

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going to be our first one, hope he plays the beach!! keeping up with this one

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That's what I remember hearing just hoping it is what happens. Gotta try and score CW tickets somehow. Maybe this year is my lucky year for he lotto.

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The announcement usually comes out mid to late July. The drawing comes early to mid August. Sammy spoke last year at the BDB with an idea of having the 10-13 show on the beach for tons of us RedHeads to ring in his 70th.