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I can't believe it! This is the first time I am going to Cabo and was picked for the Oct. 11th show!

A couple of questions...Can you bring a camera in besides your phone? and are there seats or is it standing only during concert general admission? Also, is it really crowded in the cantina or hot during the concert?

Thanks, Sue

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Hoping your Cabo experience was a grand one! Ours was amazing. Already booked again for next year. Redhead love.'s picture

, since it is my first time in Cabo, have many questions. What time to redrockers usually get in line for the concert, do you wait in line on the sidewalk, should I bring bottled water if I come and wait early, if I get in but am at the back of the room, will I still be able to see Sammy to get a picture, where is a GREAT PLACE TO SNORKEL????


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This is first on my bucket list. Staying at the Marriott Fairfield, used my points. I will try to contact them about what services they use for taxi.

Thanks! Hope to see you there, if not, rock on!


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What hotel are you staying at? Many of them offer transportation as part of their services or have companies they work with.'s picture

Thank you Redrocker327! I am not sure if I want to risk bringing the digital camera in, maybe just my phone.

Any suggestions getting from the airport to the hotel. I do not have a shuttle with my hotel? What's cheap/safe?


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Most likely a digital camera. I have not seen a fan with a video camera before.'s picture

Did you tape it on your phone, video camera or a digital camera?


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Hard rock is always a treat. Gigglin Marlin has tasty food also. I hear a good place for breakfast is Giggling Bean right next door and they will have a Redhead special $5.00, eggs fruit n toast, perfect for the "I had a good night recovery meal" lol We will be trying it out. See you in Cabo!

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Joe is on his own tour overseas during the Bash Shows so that is not possible. I think a Waboritas one is possible. I would see RedHeads at a Shrimp place just down the street from the Cabo Wabo. The name escapes me. I also can not say after Odile if it is still there. Hopefully someone else will come along on that, and by the way you will enjoy Cabo way more than Vegas.

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Lucky to have won tickets on the 7th! Does anybody know if Chickenfoot will be there?! Looooove me some Chickenfoot! The posts have been very helpful about where to stay but where to eat? Figured that the Cantina would be obnoxiously crowded or reserved for only the dinner/ticket holders. C'mon you seasoned RedHeads, help out! Was in Vegas for the bash last year & had a blast! Thanks!

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Congrats on your tickets. We will be at the show too, thanks to some awesome Redheads!

It's standing room only and it gets HOT & CROWDED...I recommend drink lots of water. I think they turn the air off so people will drink more, but way too many times we have seen people carried out before the show starts or shortly after. Pace yourself, the shows are awesome. Usually filled with Redheads but lately there have been some people / fans that don't play nice. Have a great time but hold off on the major drinking till after the show!

CUN Cabo

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DRINK HEAVILY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats on winning the Cabo lotto. You should have a blast. You can bring in other video devices. We taped almost the entire opening night in 2013.

There is no seating. Standing room only, First come, first serve. The more you are willing to push through the crowd the closer you can get. Crowded? Yes. Hot? Yes. Damn good lifetime memory? Yes, yes again.