Cinco de Tahoe 2018

March 12, 2017 by sitka islander
Cinco de Tahoe 2018
Tahoe May 2015

Just got done watching the recording of tonight's show with Toby Keith. Missed the original airing as I was on the phone with my good friend from the east coast about the recent info and canceling our airline tickets for our regular meeting for the Cinco de Mayo weekend. This was to be my 7th straight trip to Tahoe for the event.

Since my first trip in 2011, I knew this was something I would have to be a part of each year and watching the show tonight really let it all sink in about how the May Tahoe experience has been such an incredible opportunity to see and hear the music so important to all of us! Sammy- we are all hoping this is just a year off and we can all meet up again next May 4 & 5 and continue this great tradition!
Thanks and keep doing what you do!

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Here's to next year! We all get too busy at times. Hey! Wait. What about a performance of Aaron & the Wabo's ??? Vic? You up for Friday night? Mona? Bro? I just don't wanna miss that Weekend. That Weekend is My Vacation. It's a lot of peoples Vacations. We all look forward to Mexico's liberation. It's a Time post, a Checkpoint. A place we can have great memories made. Then later refer to them like "Remember when, ..." Sammy, we ALL UNDERSTAND that things come up. We also know that you need to unwind, who wouldda thunk you could be so busy @ 69 ? But Remember that TAHOE has a Magic to it. Talk to Joe, Tell Chad to work a break into the tour, & Mikey is always down! Make plans. You know you don't want to end a Tradition do ya? Until then, We are counting the days until July 2nd 2017! @ our Annual Outdoor Summer Summit and of course, May of 2018!