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May 14, 2013 by Shortcake

Hey Sammy,
I've been having lots of trouble/drama with family members. I don't know if I can work any harder, or do anymore. I would love some advise about getting away and letting go. Eventho my own mother won't protect me, I would still feel guilty if I were to leave her. I believe my life is in danger every day I stay here. I don't make alot of money, I am working 2 jobs, I work with specian needs kids in a regular ed school and at a car parts store at night. Seeing your shows, my uncle, and my boyfriend are the only things that keep me going. I am not looking for a hand out, just advise. I almost can't believe I am doing this, but it because I am soo desperate. I'm getting to the point where sitting in the garage reving my engine with the door closed is starting to look good. I can't even bring myself to do that because of what the kids I work with would think. I know I can do anything, but am afraid to leave my mom. She is another story all together. I don't know what to do or where to go. I don't want to and won't burden anyone else. I just want to feel safe again. Just want it on my dime. Hook me up with someone who can help me navigate this bad part.
Thank you for your time. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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Thank you Flutterby!
I was very touched by your words! It's been soo hard. I really feel blessed to be connected to the best group of fans! I know eventually the bad stuff goes away. Mine just hangs out longer than it should.
Thanks again for the inspirational words. I needed that!

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Hi Shortcake,
I'm not Sammy, but I feel for you. I too work with special needs kids at a High School in Southern Oregon. I also have 3 other part time jobs just to survive. I know what its like to feel the need to find happiness and relief from the BS that happens in life. I have been a Sammy fan since I can remember. In fact, every time I am sad, I play something by Sammy from the 70's thru today. His voice ALWAYS makes me feel better. Hell, I play his music when I'm happy and want to get pumped up. He's happiness is infectious. So what am I trying to say. You are NOT alone. Life is soooo fucking precious, and short. Even though my dramas are different, I know what its like to see no end to the negative that surrounds you and what its like to cry all the time. You just have to FORCE yourself to push the bad out of your head and think positive. Gotta say, the kids help me. Being around them makes me forget, for at least the time I am at school. I also listen to music (Sammy being the most) and watch funny shows. Its NOT easy, but you can do it! As the song verse goes. "I believe in fate and destination. So much of that lies in our own hands. So if you know what you want, well then you go on out and get it. Oh baby, baby, oh baby don't you ever give up" This has been my motto for a while now. Good luck Shortcake. JUST DONT GIVE UP!!!