UNHAPPY in Tampa

August 02, 2010 by sherryc075

I was only able to get tics for the 8th and 11th!! I am so upset! On the 9th it kept telling me my email address didn't exist..only had it over 20 years, then on 13th i had tickets in my cart 3 different times and when it went to change over to paypal it would start me over till I then got SOLD OUT!!!! This system is NOT GOOD! If something doesn't change this is my last birthday bash for sure! I also question the dinner tics at $90 WTF????

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I ended up with all 4 shows AND FRONT ROW against the stage for the birthday bash!!

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I am happy but I've been sleeping on the road for years and NEVER had a problem getting a tic!! I even have a broken back now and was making arrangements so I could b on street....my computer threw me out so many times I didn't believe it. I how have one due to a very god friend for 9th now just need the 13th..which means being in line anyway for dinner tics...go back to the od way, PLEASE!!

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Be Happy you got tickets for at least two shows. Some Redheads did not get tickets at all.