Merry Christmas Sammy, the Wabos & REDheads

December 24, 2010 by sherriew

Well, it's time again to post our little poem that we have posted at Christmas
time on the SHML
since we wrote it a few years ago. We were getting ready to go to the library
to get
our email on a Saturday morning (didn't have a computer yet.)
Anyway , we were "inspired" ;) & wrote this in about 15 minutes &
posted it when we got to the library. It was the Christmas before
Red Voodoo came out & we had been to Cabo in October & saw Sammy
driving a black Cherokee down there. Anyway a very Merry Christmas
to all you REDheads, Paula, Sammy, Mike, & the Waboritas, & all your loved
ones! May your hearts & homes be filled with love.

The Wiesmann family :)))

The Drunken Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
The tiny wee hours.
The walls were vibrating
To Marching to Mars.

I with my Waborita
And Ma with her beer,
Were whining & complaining
That Sammy wasn't playing near.

Then out on the lawn
There arose such a clatter
We stumbled to the window
To see what was the matter.

When what to our drunken
Eyes should appear?
A black Cherokee
Had just hit a reindeer!

With a cool looking driver
So lively & quick,
He was playing a guitar -
It wasn't Saint Nick!!!

The familiar tune he was playing
Soon caused us to stare.
Oh my Gosh, could it be?
Yellow curls were bouncing everywhere!!!

Right through the window
We jumped in a flash!
Wearing the curtains,
We tore off the sash!

Destroying the decorations,
We ran straight to his side.
We asked, "Sammy, what happened?"
He said, "I can't drive 55!!"

Sammy turned to the deer
And went straight to his work.
He began playing RED
And the deer gave a jerk!

You see, it was Rudolph
Lying there in the snow
And all of a sudden
His nose began to glow.

The deer jumped to his feet,
Clicked his hooves to the tune,
We all sang & danced,
But it ended too soon.

Sammy's eyes how they twinkled,
His cold nose - red as a cherry.
He said, "Merry Christmas,
Chrissy & Sherrie!"

He had a broad grin,
As we acted like nuts.
I said, "You're awesome, Man!"
Then we both fell on our butts!

But we heard him exclaim
As he drove out of sight,
"Mas Tequila to all
And to all a good night!" :))))

Merry Christmas everyone & stay safe. Cherish this time with your
loved ones!

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