Has anyone heard if there will be "Second Chance" tickets for 2019

July 12, 2019 by sheetszone
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Where will they announce the second chance tickets? I missed the sign up but would love to get two tickets and book my flights!

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What do people do about finding a place to stay if they don't find out until a couple months before? I had a regular renter of my condo at Terrasol have a family emergency so they aren't renting my condo now which is available Oct 1 - 13 and is only about 10 minute walk to Cabo Wabo. It is at Terrasol and is on the beach facing Pacific Ocean. Let me know if you know someone who needs a nice place to stay. Quiet resort though so doesn't allow partying at the resort.

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Any news yet on available tickets that weren't purchased? Yesterday was the deadline to buy the random drawing tickets. Anxious for news. Thanks.

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Thanks. Fingers crossed!

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I sure hope the 2nd sales puts each night on sales a different time for those that don’t get lucky we at least have 3 chances to try. Has anyone heard?

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Does anybody know how many days we will have to stand in line to try to get tickets once we are down there?
I just have to be there for my 50th Birthday !!

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I don't see how there would not be one. I am reading A LOT of first timers saying they won't be able to go. They need to go with a system that charges your card right away if your a winner. It would cut down on the ones who put in just for fun to see if they are picked or the not so true fans.

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We will find out after the 16th which is last day for winners to purchase tickets.