new music

November 03, 2010 by me
new music

I am so ready to hear some new Sammy and the Wabos AND new Chickenfoot...I know..I am running Sammy on a rampage...but I need some new music from Sammy...NOW>...I need a fix...I need a supporting tour...I need it I say...i need it......only Redheads can understand the need......

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me's picture

'just a couple inches taller, white blue and RED rocker!!!"

he is living vicariously through FLAT to be taller...LOL

I love ya Sam....if you were five foot tall...I'd still love ya

302_Boss_Chick's picture

see!! I told you!! LMAO!!!

wow you must read really fast to have been able to get that out of the closing credits.

1Way2Rock's picture

"Don't mess with the space-time continuum. Seriously. Just leave it alone."

- Chickenfoot "12 Days of the Foot" podcast, Day 11, Future in the Past, closing credits

1Way2Rock's picture

I NEED IT TOO! We all understand :-)

By the way, why is flat Sammy so much taller than real Sammy? Maybe that's why flat Sammy looks so happy? Some promotional ploy, to make fans think Sammy is taller than he actually is? Madam Toussaud's needs a wax Sammy!

Yes, I know I'm rambling...need more Chickenfoot...

302_Boss_Chick's picture

OMG look Flat Sammy!! Holy bejeezus the REAL Sammy kidnapped Flat Sammy!! What the hell...doesn't this rip a hole in the space time continuum like on 'Back to the Future'? Oh...oh sorry. LOL

Yes Shari, I am itchin' for that new Chickenfoot album...they SO teased us with the music you hear in the background of the AMPF video, gonna be a long wait!!! Good thing I am still working my way though Sammy's catalog, his old stuff IS new to me!!



RIRedrocker's picture

LOL, I can totally relate to you Shar! I bet a few thousand other Redheads can too. Looks like we're all gonna have to be patient and want a while :( Waiting sucks!!!