My Van Halen Journey!

May 27, 2011 by Shan777

It was 1984 when I first heard of Van Halen, my Junior High years. An "old man" down the street had purchased a Van Halen cassette and only liked JUMP! So he gave me the tape, his loss my gain.

The music and attitude did something in me and my teenagehood began.The memories and emotions still stir in me in a way I cannot deny.

I remember feeling alive, kind of like the freedom of the wind blowing in my face when I first learned to ride my bicycle. The rush and thrill of the first time I drove the car alone. The all over excitement of the first moment I met my wife in gym class in the 10th grade. The music was all about having a good time and enjoying your life!!!

Dave pushed every button he could and he made all of us want to be a star!

Eddie made sounds with the guitar that made me feel deeper inside than I can even put to words!

Michael Anthony made me feel like me, a regular guy, could be a ROCKSTAR!

Then Sammy brought the musicianship and quality to a new level. He sang lyrics about summer night's, love and begging your baby to give you just one more chance that we could all relate too!

The contravesy of those who didn't except Hagar gave me something to fight for, too join myself too! The life style of a RED ROCKER! Something to rebel against and express my youthful angst while holding onto the laid back dream of CABO.

"Right Now" filled me with hope that I could have a Magic Moment Right Here and Now!

Dreams made me want dry my eyes of the tears I had cried in my youthful pain and grasp for a future!

In the middle of all of this Sammy did "Give to Live", and "Eagles Fly" my favorite Sammy song of all time. Hearing it still gives me chills!

Dreaming of being a bird on the wing seeing everything from above my troubles.

I have concert memories that I will never forget. 1986, 92, 02, 04 and front row at the David Lee Roths show! I saw the first Chickenfoot Concert at El Carazon in Seattle. Intimate and Amazing!

I have a trip to Cabo with my with Angela that I changed my relationship forever. Angela and I sat on Sammy's Cantina stage and experienced a vision we had held onto since high school, when we dreamed of living our lives together as adults. We will be remembering this when we are old and grey!

I am very proud that Van Halen is finally in the Hall of Fame! I find it fitting that Sammy and Mike received the award because they are the bandmembers that make me feel still today like I am an Honorary part of the group. They care about us the fans and not their egos! Total Class!!

Don't get me wrong! In my youth, the egos of Dave and Eddie made me feel powerful. As an adult, I wish they all would have put egos aside and shared the stage with All of US!

I love my BAND! and to quote David Lee Roth, "There is a little VAN HALEN in all of US!

Surely in ME!

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I could relate! Nicely put, an I bet others feel as you described.