April 18, 2011 by SGrepo71

I want to make my first comment clear......its not that i didnt have a 1000% RESPECT FOR YOU before i read RED....it just makes me see you in a different light...plus i was sippin on some Cabo Wabo anejo when i wrote the first blog. Peace

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Hi Mr Sammy....

April 17, 2011 by SGrepo71

Hi Mr Sammy, just wana say ive been a fan since i was old enough to buy a record on my own[about 1980],through the VH days and up to now.Thank you for your immortal contibutions to the Rock N Roll world.Just finished reading Red,it gives me 1000 times more respect for you.I feel what you said about missing your mom everyday,i lost my mom in 2008.I miss her everyday too.Thank you for sharing your story.Keep on Rockin Sammy!

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