having fun

having fun
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There's me and my best friend in the background standing in the overflow line for the show on the 13th. We didn't get tickets in the lottery and we didn't get there in time to get dinner show tickets but we were determined to see Sammy and our determination paid off. We waited in the overflow line on the the 9th and 13th shows and got in on the 9th to see the last 2 songs and was lucky enough to also get in for the actual birthday bash on the 13th to see the entire show!!! I also got a picture with Sammy before the show on the 11th and got to shake Michael and Vic's hands before 2 shows and Sammy's hand before the show on the 13th. All for free!!! Determination and dedication paid off big time!!! I had an amazing time at the Cabo Wabo and in Cabo San Lucas and met some awesome people!! I am hooked & I will be back next year!! Rock on Redheads!! Love you Sammy!!!