Missing song from play list Help!

September 12, 2011 by seaotterellen

Loved the show! Although it was too bad there was no Cabo Wabo present -but hey it is a winery. By the way is there anyone out there who attended who can tell me what song Sammy played after Space Station #5 and before Motorscooter? At all his concerts I jot down his playlist so I can put it in my memory book but I can't read what I wrote this time. Please can anyone Help me.

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The song in between Space Station #5 and Bad Motor Scooter was definitely Rock Candy. It was like a three song Montrose medley. Great concert! Hope he goes back sometime soon.

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Thanks for the reply, however I don't think it's Rock Candy. Although I can't read my notes for this song what letters I can see doesn't seem to match for Rock Candy, but I could be wrong. Anyone else out there that might know?

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I wasn't there but he always plays Space Station #5 into Rock Candy into Bad Motor Scooter. Hope that helps.