What's going on with Chickenfoot?????????

December 10, 2012 by seana008

Anyone know?

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Two new items were released in Europe in the past couple of weeks. A live disc called "LV", and a Box-set containing all previously released material. All of this stuff has previously been released in the USA, but hadn't yet been available in Europe. Box set info: http://www.ear-music.net/en/news/details/chickenfoot-to-release-ultimate...

As for the latest release of the first Chickenfoot CD (re-released because the first edition was out of print) that came out earlier this year, you can find copies of it signed by Michael Anthony (bass) in his holiday gift packs in his store here: http://madanthonycafe.com/burrnmag/shop/

As for the band itself, you can see possible opportunities for them to get together by examining the published tour schedules for Joe Satriani and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Sammy has a couple of tour dates lined up as well, which means he may be headed back out for a 40 Years in Rock tour that's been planned.