Sammy Surprise Concert Last Night

October 06, 2013 by seana008

Sammy played a surprise concert last night at the Cabo Wabo, played the entire new album and One Way to Rock, no special guests, (the Waboritas) It was great.

Cabo weather is amazing, get down here!!!

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Just as Sean said, we walked in after having an Awesome dinner in town. We walked by the line of Redheads waiting to get tixs for any of his shows. Ordered drinks and about 15 minutes later Sammy came out and did the show. SAMMY is the best REDHEAD of us all.

Mas Tequila

I WAS FDIC 2013 lots of times this year

Later Jeff

Rburla's picture

Awesome! We will be there Friday night, can't wait!
any pics of last night?

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Yes, we just went to go and party and he was there. It was like the old days when you can walk in off the street and see Sammy play. It was a great show, he played the new album in order. Heading there tonight to see Cabo Uno (if my wife will let me party two night's straight at the Cabo Wabo.)

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How did you hear about it? Just lucky to be there?