On my way to Cabo, Just got my email. Birthday Bash Confirmed

August 01, 2013 by Scotthill65

The emails are out, tickets have been drawn. Go check your mailbox.

See you in Cabo!!!

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kcrules69's picture

Last year we went to show #1 and it was kick ass..You have the weekend in Cabo to kick back then go to the premire.
Mas Tequila

miked087's picture

I have an extra one on Monday. Would like to trade with someone who has an extra for Friday. Let me know.

caribbeanqueen's picture

None again, might as well let the cat outta the bag, 6 months ago i mailed a b day invitation to jimmy page to be a guest on the 13th, got a wink and a ? From his facebook yesterday, so to all you lucky REDHEADS that got tickets for the 13 th, Mas tequila and enjoy :)

rjpencer's picture

hell yeah going to Cabo with my wife and seeing Sammy...Mas Tequila

Buster Bonez's picture

Same here. Email received at 9:13pm (Pacific Time). Two tickets for Sunday when Sammy saves the best for last!

Hoseclamp's picture

Got 7 th and 11, so far....:)

808 4Life's picture

No emails yet. I registered for all 4 shows. I've got to get at least one, right? Here's hoping!

Scotthill65's picture

Not sure, a buddy texted me. He got drawn also, mine came through at 9:13 PM pdt.

gilzor69's picture

Do all go out at the same time? Hope not or we got assed out :(