want to get pics of sammys international airport how do i get there

August 12, 2012 by scotter1
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go to page 8 on the news you will see the banner from last year at the Puerta Aero (Sammy Hagar) international airport

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They are working on the runway expansion which will allow executive size jets to land there.

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No. It is not owned by Sammy but it is privately owned. Sammy talked about it in the B Bash video last year. It is just north of town. They have talked about making the runway longer so larger jets can land there.

The owner put a banner up as a joke calling it Sammy's.

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I just did a little research and found out there is another airport in Cabo. It is called the AeroPuerto Cabo San Lucas. This airport is only used for private and chartered small size planes. It is not an airport owned by Sammy.

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@ Sherry. The airport in the video was in Cabo, not San Jose.

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It was last year - and the airport is San Jose Del Cabo Airport - :):) See you Oct 6th

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I think this person is talking about how one year they renamed the airport after Sammy for his Birthday Bash shows he does at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. I'm thinking it was last year.

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If the airport you are talking about is in Cabo, it is really called the Cabo San Lucas International Airport. It is just north of town. You can get there by cab.