going to cabo

September 01, 2011 by scotter1

staying at santa fe rui anybody know how it is

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The Sante Fe is alot of fun. We have stayed there and are again. 7-14th. We have tix for the 9th! YEH! One month from today!

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Thanks Dave!

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Last year my wife and I made the trip for the first time. We also stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Rose. It was a pretty nice hotel. The beach was great, (all but the venders). It is an easy 10-15 minute walk into town. We walked into town to get our show tickes at Cabo Wabo both days. On the night of the shows, We took a taxi! The hotel employees will get the taxi for you, and there is very little wait. It was a $6 (american) ride for my wife and I. It was well worth the money! After the show, there are taxis lined up out front to take you back to your hotel. It was very easy, and we were back in our room in 10 minutes after the show. Wish we were going this year!!!! Have fun!!! It will be a blast!!!


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First trip to Cabo for us. I'm staying at the Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort and Spa. Anyone staying there? I think it's within walking distance, but not sure I'll be excited about the walk back. Going to the 9th, 11th, and 13th shows.

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It's not a bad place but there is a problem! It's not in town it's about five miles out of Cabo on the Corridor! You won't be walking into town, you will have to get a rental car or do taxis! Parking is a problem in Cabo, there is a Parking Garage near the Cantina but finding a good place to put the car is hard!
Doug aka "CWG"

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Beautiful... as are we (very lucky)... I will buy you a shot at the pool bar :) You will be surprised how much time you spend there :)

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the 13

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My GF and I go to the RIU every time we go to Cabo... it is a blast!!! what show are you going to ??