going to birthday bash staying at rui palace

July 12, 2011 by scotter1

anybody stay at the rui palace how far to cabo wabo and what is the best day to see the bash iwant to go to two shows 1st and last maybe

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we will be at the Palace 10/9-10/15! Hope to go to shows on 10/11 and 10/13

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I am staying at Riu Palace for the 3rd year and I love it. I feel very safe there, the food is great, the locations is stunning...can't wait to go. I will be there from 10/6-9 so I will only get to see 1 show. If you have the chance, see as many shows as you can because they are all different and all, of course, awesome. Riu Palace is a short cab ride to Cabo Wabo.. maybe 10 minutes max.

Hope to see you there !