October 05, 2010 by Scott Patton

Hey Sammy Im Scott and i live about 75 yards from the main stage in Fresno. I dont get to go to the b-day bash but instead you'll be in my front yard. I was just thinking about the new Fancam in Cabo, "Bitchin". Since im so close I was wanting to get some behind the scene video of you and The Waboes during the sound check PLEASE. When Im finished I will immediatly upload it to the web site for You and the fans. A once in a lifetime chance. I was front stage in front of Mona(She is AWESOME Love Ya Mona) and you guys made the show so personal with how u inneract with ur fans. Also Im having "Hagar Hangout" for those who need to park. 8 Redheads have reserved their spots already and i only have a couple left so email me to resrve a spot. I wanna B the FANCAM PLEASE!!!!! Thank You, Scott

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