SAMMY I live Directly across from the Main Stage of the Fresno Fair Grounds

September 20, 2010 by Scott Patton

Sammy, I am the corner house DIRECTLY across the street from the main stage in Fresno. On Oct.6,2010 my house will become "HAGAR HANGOUT". I was the 2nd person in line and was front stage in front of Mona when you opened the Fresno Cabo. What a Bitchin experience, Best live show 4 me atleast because I also Got Picks from you and Mona, sticks from David and the song list that was taped to the floor. I dont know what time you will arrive at the Fresno Fair Grounds but the gate you go through is also across the street. All I'm missing from my little collection is a picture with you and an autograph. If you can spare 1min to do this for me, my Hagar Hangout will be complete!! I'll wait all day outside my house for this opportunity, I took the day off and I never miss work. Last, Red Rocker fans that are going to the show can PARK their cars at my house on my property(12 to 15 spots) and make "HAGAR HANGOUT" that much better. Corner house at E. Liberty Ave. and Chance Ave. with the red brick around it. Hope to meet You Sammy and all you Red Heads!!!!!!! P.S. Get their early!! To reserve front row parking Email me at Subject: "Hagar Hangout Parking" Thanks, Scott

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Park at my place if u want. Yeah Barbis Fucked up a good thing. Scott was the guy that got in a fight and Sammy stopped the show and told security to leave him alone even if it was his fault lol. Thats the group of people I hung out with waiting in line and when the fight broke out I jumped on stage. call if ur parking at my place (661)979-6826

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Hi Scott, I was at that show. I must of been right behind you. There was a scuffle that broke out in front of me. Sammy was telling them to knock it off. That was such a cool show. I'll be at the Fresno Fair for Sammy's show.

I'm so pissed that Barbis aka "the turtle" screwed Sammy and the RedHeads. I was so excited about the Fresno Cabo Wabo, but the Barbis managment of it was terrible. Sammy does things first class. Barbis didn't live up to that. In fact you could say he did things with no class. If Sammy's organization ran the Fresno Cabo Wabo it would still be there and be a top notch club! Loved those shrimp burritos! I think I ate there three+ days a week!