October 05, 2010 by Scott Patton

Hey Sammy Im Scott and i live about 75 yards from the main stage in Fresno. I dont get to go to the b-day bash but instead you'll be in my front yard. I was just thinking about the new Fancam in Cabo, "Bitchin". Since im so close I was wanting to get some behind the scene video of you and The Waboes during the sound check PLEASE. When Im finished I will immediatly upload it to the web site for You and the fans. A once in a lifetime chance. I was front stage in front of Mona(She is AWESOME Love Ya Mona) and you guys made the show so personal with how u inneract with ur fans.

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September 27, 2010 by Scott Patton

Reserve ur Front Row Parking at my establishment(corner house S.Chance & E. Liberty Ave). For those without concert tickets thats when Hagar Hangout is at its best!!! Bring urselves and whatever u drink a chair or blanket and Rock ur ASS off in my front yard because the Big screen over the stage is perfectly placed to watch and listen to the concert and no $7.00 beer charge. Email ASAP Cell(661)979-6826. Reserve Parking must be a 100% commitment because im limited to 18-20 vehicles.Rock On Redheads thanx, Scott P.S.

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SAMMY I live Directly across from the Main Stage of the Fresno Fair Grounds

September 20, 2010 by Scott Patton

Sammy, I am the corner house DIRECTLY across the street from the main stage in Fresno. On Oct.6,2010 my house will become "HAGAR HANGOUT". I was the 2nd person in line and was front stage in front of Mona when you opened the Fresno Cabo. What a Bitchin experience, Best live show 4 me atleast because I also Got Picks from you and Mona, sticks from David and the song list that was taped to the floor. I dont know what time you will arrive at the Fresno Fair Grounds but the gate you go through is also across the street.

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