When are the birthday bash tickets going on sale

July 03, 2015 by Scott fen
What's happening my fellow red heads. Sitting up in beautiful British Columbia Canada. Wondering when the hell are these birthday Bash tickets going on sale. Sure hope it's soon because I'm getting anxious. Hope I win this year. If I don't I'm still going to Cabo. Come on Sammy and his team. Let's get the draw for the tickets going. Good luck to all the redheads out there. See in Cabo. Cheers
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hagarnut84's picture

Im going to be there for the 11th and 13th shows,hoping to get tickets,If not,we are still gonna try and be in the mix of it all

Jennings69's picture

Tickets already purchased for Cano trip. Really wanting concert tickets for the 13th show. How does the lottery work?