Second chance tickets

August 17, 2017 by Scott fen

Well I have to say. The way they do the second chance tickets. Is total bullshit. Why not just save everybody the brain damage. And do it just like they do The first lottery. That seems the fairest way to me. Without all the fucking hassle of actually thinking you might have a chance to get tickets. And then within a millisecond boom it's over. That fucking sucks. I'm on the West Coast. What a shitty way to start the day. Sammy or Sammy's guys. Next year set it up the same way as the first lottery. Random We trust you guys. Let's stop the brain damage of trying to get tickets through Ticketfly. We're down to the short strokes. Looking forward to being in Cabo. Bring on the birthday bash Long live Sammy

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Ya...I also would have to agree with the second chance lottery just like the last few years. We were fortunate enough last year to get tickets through the second chance lottery draw for show 4 (the day of his birthday). If anybody gets the chance to see him in Cabo the week of his birthday, consider your self very lucky. I think they should keep it same way as they have done in the last few years. No matter how they do it a few people will be pissed off about it. We decided to enter our names in the lottery this year and if it happens great and if it doesn't then so be it. There is always next year and besides we will be on that cruise with Sammy and Bad Company....GO REDHEADS!!!

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Yep pretty bummed had 2 chances to get tickets today followed direction at lightning speed and freaking nothing .I think Scott has a point re enter the e mails that we're not chosen for the first round for the remaining tickets. It proves in the lottery a lot of people just entered just to enter and got chosen and had no intention on going.. I was lucky enough in the first round to get the 4th night really sorry for the REDHEADS that were not ... ROCK ON REDHEADS

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Hey Scott,

Need a guest? I have an AUTOGRAPHED Sammy bobblehead to trade. There are roughly 100 of them. One recently sold for $205.

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Lots of folks with your frustration. I doubt there were more than 50 tickets available for each show and probably a couple thousand of us trying to get them. I was able to get two for the 9th. No idea how I did with how the last couple days have gone. It's good and bad for Sammy. Great that he has thousands of loyal fans wanting to see his shows. Bad that he has thousands of loyal fans that won't be able to see his shows. The venue is small and it's great for those that get in. Just tough for everyone that really wants to be there and can't get tickets. I don't know what the best way is. Maybe they should go back to you having to be there that week before you can get a chance to buy tickets. The way it is now, everyone can try to get them with no real commitment other than $140. I was ready to bag the trip till I got two for the 9th. Good luck tomorrow Scott.

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I must say, I agree. Although I have never been picked yet in the lottery system. It sucks when you are trying with 4 different devices to ensure tickets and two of the said devices give you the option, not once but twice, to select tickets to purchase and boom.....Nothing and I clicked as quickly as possible- believe me. I got nothing AGAIN. This whole week has been frustrating trying to do this. This does suck. He should just play on the beach in from t of his house. Have security there and that be it. Most all of us know where he lives anyway. At least we would all get to be there