It's a sad day

September 18, 2014 by Scott fen

Hi We are still in shock. Watching the news on what happened in Los Cabo. Our thoughts are with the people of Los Cabo. With that said, Sammy has done the right thing cancelling his Birthday day bash this year giving Los Cabo time to heal. This year my friends and i were lucky enough to win tickets to the event. We feel he odds of us winning tickets two years in a row would be the same as Los Cabo being hit by a similar disaster two years in a row. We sincerely hope that Sammy and his team will take this under consideration when it comes time to refund all of us Redheads. We are all very disappointed that the opportunity to attend this event has been taken away so quickly. After much discussion found on your website it would seem that most Redheads are in agreement and would request an option for our tickets to be carried over to the 2015 Birthday day bash. I'm sending you a copy of my winnings confirmation. I hope that this letter in addition to the voices and opinions of your fans may sway Sammy into giving us Redheads the option of either a refund or choice to attend this event next year. Los Cabo will heal and we will all gladly go back to celebrate in 2015. Thanks for your consideration to our request. From Vancouver Canada Cheers S Fenton LONG LIVE SAMMY

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