July 16, 2014 by sammyjcmofan

Looking for tickets to the STL show. Good seats only!

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So exited....going to see Sammy on my birthday!

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So ready to see SAMMY! It's going to be a GREAT show in STL!

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Plenty of lawn tickets available there.

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Thanks anyway!

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Thanks for the info! I got a chance to see him several years ago when he was the front man for VH & we were 12 rows from the stage....that was one hell of a show. They were free! LOL! That will not happen again! Thanks! I may just settle for lawn seats! Do you know if I can buy the lawn tickets @ the venue?

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Try Live Nation again, and if it doesn't come up with anything good try again later. I have been off and on this week and just got Row C Center today.

I originally wasn't going to this concert since we went to Downstream Casino a couple of weeks ago and was REALLY hoping for birthday bash tickets. However, was not selected for bd bash and thought St Louie is Sammy's home away from home.

Keep trying.....Good Luck!!

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Sorry I had a couple tics but sold them already.