WOW What a Summer!

August 12, 2010 by sammyhagar
WOW What a Summer!

What a great summer it's been, and it's only the beginning of August! Lots of fun from my town, St. Louis, to Moondance in Walker, Minnesota, to the Orange County Fair, Oh and don't forget all those Aerosmith shows, lots of Redheads in the house! The Wabos are killin' it everywhere. It's all been really good.

And then we played outside LaCrosse, Wisconsin at Fort McCoy for the U.S.Army, about ten thousand of the loudest people I have ever heard. But that isn't the whole story. That night I gave the bleachers on stage to the Army base for the troops who will be shipping out soon. When they marched on stage it was one of the best moments in my career. What a scene. The 'at ease" order was given and they started to cheer, well my fur went up and I couldn't wait to get to that stage. They rocked so hard behind me, I was truly inspired. Check out the pictures of them and one happy singer. Just more proof, I am the luckiest man in the world.


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It was a great summer, Sammy. The St. Louis show rocked. I'm really glad the pigeons waited until later in the summer to cause problems! Great, great show.

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would like to see sammy and the wabos or chickenfoot come to state college pa, home to pennstate university. was to see the chickenfoot show in pitt last yr but it was cancelled. come to state college

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The comments on here are super, ha...too much fun?

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This was on my top 10 list of great nights. I won the back stage pass and meet Sammy. Then me and my husbund got to shake the hands of countless trops and say thank you. I felt like a proud mom when Sammy marched those troops out on stage. I think everyone there had to feel proud to be a Red Head that night. Then Sammy rocked the base, those kids got to forget about being deploied for a few hours. It was beautiful. Thank you mister Hagar for being a class act. PEACE OUT

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This is why I LOVE Sammy!!

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You truely are the best! What an awesome thing you did for those troops. I know because I am the mother of a service member and it is so hard to be away from family and friends and for someone to do something for them and show support speaks loudly! See you in October!!! STL Loves you! I can't wait to celebrate my birthday at the Cabo Wabo!


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Those pics bring tears to my eyes! GOD Bless our troops and Sammy!

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Hey Sammy,

Dare you to use Steven's "sacred ramp" at one of your joint shows. He is such a Princess!!! He's crazy. What a shame for him to be outrocked before he can step on the stage! You can definately raise the performance bar above his reach... go...go...go!!!

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Like I've always said Sammy, you're amazing! You always touch my heart with your goodness. I could go on & on but - "Those things that are understood..........." ;)


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I was at Ft. McCoy for the and the wabos blew us away! Great show. Great send off for our troops.


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tears fill my eyes reading this! what a night! God bless

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You truly rock! My husband and I have seen you so many times this year (Chickenfoot in Vegas, Cabo 20th anniversary, Highland 3/25/10, Paso 7/24 - not to mention we visited Cabo Wabo in June although you weren't playing),and I am still amazed at every show. I can't tell you the rush I get when I see you in concert. It's like being on drugs, but sober HA!! AND though I have seen you so many times this year - I need to take a moment to say I am truly disappointed that I can't see you in October. The one important time (to me) was to see you on my birthday this year October 6 !! What a GREAT birthday present.....unfortunately, I was booted out of the system while paying for my 2 tickets to the Oct 13 show. Once I was able to get back in - it was sold out. SO SAD!!! Too bad my birthday wasn't ONE day later and I could get in free for the day of that show!! I still think that you rock, AND I LOVE YA TO DEATH.
Always Rockin,
Hot 5150 Teach

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You are the best for rockin' the troops. Gives me chills to know you really made their experience awesome. Wish I was there. Listening to your songs, gives me chills. Thank you for all you do for your fans and an extra "thank you" for helping the STL kids with Blessings in a Backpack. STL Fan - KLRed

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Tears are rolling down my face as I read this Sammy.
See what you do? We are all blessed to have you in our lives.
You are an inspiration to all. I Love You Sammy. xo

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It gives me chills reading this! What an amazing experience!


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Denise, I've been asking the same question. Damn, it's been sooo long.

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Sammy you rocked STL I would like to thank you so so much for what u did for us in memory of Don Pruitt God bless you and your family! Nichole and Cherie

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I take that back... One of the best shows I've ever seen, period! My "other" favorite was his La Crosse Three Lock Box appearance in 1983. That dude sure can rock n roll and put on a show - at 62 years old!!! Give us 40 more just like it Sammy!!!!!!

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The band was "tight" for the Fort McCoy show. One of the best Sammy shows I've seen!!

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Paso Robles was amazing!!! Thank you so much for ALL you do for us Sammy!

See ya in Fresno!!! :-D

Redlove & Peace Always,


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Sounds amazing! Wish we could have been there.
Looking forward to Harvey's and Cabo!

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We drove all the way up from St.Louis and man was it worth it!! One of the best shows I've seen! Keep on Rockin' Sammy!!

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Sammy, I was at the show in Fort McCoy and it was absolutely the best. It completely rocked. We were supposed to be in Cabo during that weekend, but due to hard times, had to cancel. When I received an email about upcoming shows and saw Fort McCoy, I took it as a sign. If we couldn't go to Cabo, we'd bring Cabo to us. did. Thanks for a fantastic show. Our plan is to be in Cabo for your October 2011 Birthday Bast.

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Absolutely Fantastic. Sammy you have done an outstanding job showing your support. Also with your Blessings in a backpack. You are a real inspiration to all your fans. Of course I am your biggest Fan!! When will you be heading to Seattle again?

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Let me wholeheartedly second the comment by my friend Lady51x50. If ANYONE ever REALLY needs to know why we love you so much, here is all the reason they need.

SOOOOO excited to catch up with you on 09/10!!!!


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That's why I love you Sammy! Knowing you are able to give someone a moment in time, an experience like no other, one that they will never forget.... is what is all about.

Thank you!